Certification questions -- I am lost

Hi, all

Hopefully someone can shed some light here.
Our modem consists of off-the-shelf single-board computer with Sierra Wireless 3G module in cPCI-E slot.
3G module has all relevant approvals. Single board computer has CE and FCC approvals. Now, we want to deploy the solution in USA, Europe and Australia and I am trying to figure out some certification issues.

For USA we need:
FCC (as far as I understand we only need 15 Part B)
PTCRB (this can largely be leveraged from module certification)
AT&T and T-Mobile approvals (those are carriers we plan to use)

Main question – what will happen if we decide to change the 3G module for a different type (module will have all the approvals, of course). We may have to go to LTE modules later on. Do we have to go through all of the approvals again???

For Europe we need CE approvals. R&TTE part should be leveraged off existing module approval. Again, do we have to re-approve if we change module?

For Australia, we need A-tick. I was told by local test house that we can exchange the modules, as long as new one is compliant.

As far as I can see, our solution is not much different from a laptop with 3G modem. Do laptop manufacturers have to go through re-approval for each new module they use?

Any advise, links, etc… are appreciated. I read lots of documents already, but not clear on the subject and different test houses give different advises.


I think you really need to seek professional advice on this.

One the problem – professionals gove me mixed and contradictive results. Given that all professionals i deal with are tightly linked to test houses, it appears that some of them try to get us to perform most comprehensive (and most expensive) set of tests.

For example – one test house advised we only need FCC 15 Part B, other one says we have to go through full FCC.


I am not familiar with certification process… But any chance you can talk to your FAE from Sierra Wireless?
I think Sierra can provide better advice as of neutrality…

Also, FYI, we offer so-called Professional Service which could be better in this case. :wink:



I can tell you that with our experience, we have to go through a full set of approvals if we change the module. This means new intermodulation tests at the government testing lab (FCC/IC), retesting at PTCRB, and then resubmission for the carrier.

Not sure if this helps to much.


Danny McConnell