LTE modules compatilble with service providers in america

we have planned to use your LTE modules for our project, but we need to know if they are campatible with all the major service providers in america.
we need a industrial grade module for our application, temp. range -40 to 85 degree celcius
the interface that we need is a M.2 keyB .
so do you recommend any modules that suit our application?


This is a sales type question so you need to engage with one of our distributors or sales guys but you will want to use either our EM7455 (cat 6) or EM7565 (cat 12).



Hi matt,
Can we use any SIM card of network provider in USA?
or we can only use some special SIM that are provided by you?
and can you pls explain more about this special SIM card provided by you



From a Sierra point of view you can use any SIM card, we do not lock our hardware to any service provider, with regards the US you are more limited by the bands/tech that is offered by a given unit as to whether it will work on a certain network. After that you are into network approvals of a given application which starts to get a bit more complicated.

When you say ‘this special SIM card’ what are you referring to? We essentially offer two types of SIM one is a normal roaming SIM of which we have a lot of roaming partners around the globe (the only country we do not have a minimum of two partners is North Korea). The other is a ‘smart’ SIM which has a SIM toolkit applet running on it that performs network selection based on coverage, rates and network performance. This forum is not really the place to go through in detail how the ‘smart’ SIM works but I have given you the bare bones of it.

Hopefully that answers the question?