Questions related to GCF certification for Sierra Wireless Module (EM7455/7430)

Hi Users,
I have a questions related to the GCF field trial.
Currently we are using the EM7455/7430 in one our Cloud SDWAN product, although both the modules are GCF certified, but we have below questions again from the cert lab.
Can somebody please help to answer the same?

Do both modules support the following:

  1. Multiple PDN/PDP Connection Activation / Deactivation
  2. Channel type switching – Release 8 Fast Dormancy
    Also, what is the TS.25(SE13) database version for these modules?

Thanks, Vikrant

All three items are supported in the module FW but it depends on FW config/SKU and Host platform use case. I suggest contact your regular support channels to get support for your device certification needs as this can tend to get complex and subject to a variant of factors and SKUs you pruchase.