EM7455 RED compliance


We are using EM7455 in one of our designs. Can you confirm that this module is RED compliant?

If yes, where can I download the certificate?


Similar issue found at [url]https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/declaration-of-conformity-2014-53-eu/8932/1]


When do you plan to be RED compliant on this module?


Anyone have any luck getting DoC for this?


You’ve to register with a “valid office” email in order to download that “compliance”. Anyway, I’ve downloaded that “compliance” for EM7455 :smiley:
EM7455_FCC.pdf (104 KB)

The FCC document is not a DoC. The DoC is needed for Europe, and the FCC is not related.

Bump to see if anyone has had any luck obtaining the new DoC that calls out the RED directive?