MC7455 CE testing - radiated frequencies

For CE testing of bespoke hardware I’ve been asked to get the MC7455 internally radiated frequencies of the board itself. Please can you supply these?


You do not need these (there aren’t any). For CE/RED testing you literally perform RSE and immunity testing of the system and the test house monitors for anything outside of the band mask, there is no need for a given test house (or system integrator) to be aware of the internal working of the unit.

If you do want further information or additional test reports then you will need to ask for these through your commercial channel (where you bought the units from) so they are able to raise an official case in the Sierra reporting system.



Hi Matt,

Thank you for coming back to me.

I’ll have to omit I’m only doing what I’ve been asked and your response is plenty good enough for me.

I will go through the commercial channel next time.

Thanks again.