EM7455 - Start continuous transmission (test mode) for CE certification (module integration)


I’m trying to research relevant steps to get into a module test mode for EM7455 for LTE module integration (propably similar to other modules of that series), because of a CE certification procedure. In discussion with our measurement laboratory service partner they require that the module needs to enter a continuous transmission testing mode to reach EMC requirements.

The AT commands documentation describes a test mode section with options like:

  1. enter a factory test mode (AT!DAFTMACT)
  2. select a frequency band (AT!DASBAND)
  3. select a channel (AT!DASCHAN)

All these commands works fine after entering the undocumented password “A710”.
My question is: What is the best practice or correct guideline to configure the module to operate in a continuous transmission mode for CE testing? Is there any verification for me to proof the module acts in transmission mode while not connected to a carrier?

Kind regards

Christoph Tetzlaff

Hi @tetzlaff,

Yes, after you unlock module by entering password, you can use AT command in test mode.
And if you want further information or any guidelines, I think it’s better that you will need to ask your contributor (who sold the module to you), so they are able to raise an official case in the Sierra reporting system.


Hi @jerdung ,
thank you.

After deeper investigation I found out that I missed one section for testing guideline from the technical specification sheet (available at modules’ download section).

For those who are interested see source:
4116236 AirPrime EM7455 Product Technical Specification r15.pdf, page 76 ff