Cellular IP Address


I’m setting up about 10 of these devices and I’m supposed to have static IP addresses assign to them from AT&T. When I was checking the Cellular Tab the Cellular IP Address doesn’t match the IP address that AT&T told me. I checked with AT&T and the verified that the addresses were indeed static IP addresses.

I just want to verify is the “Cellular IP Address” the IP address assigned to the SIM card?

Thank you!


Hi Louisfrati3,

Yes, the Cellular IP Address field is the IP address that is handed DIRECTLY from the carrier. The gateway (more specifically, the radio module) doesn’t alter IPs given from the carrier and has no knowledge of this.


I would guess that the “Static Addresses” are achieved by NAT at the AT&T gateway into the intrnet :question:

Something like this (in which the “local” network would be the cellular network):

techrepublic.com/blog/data- … nnections/

Thus, this address is not visible to the cellular device itself.

I have a similar issue. After weeks-months of connecting with no issue. The ES450 is no longer able to establish a data connection and get a WAN IP address.

I’ve checked with ATT and the SIM and account are enabled, the signal strength has been about -85 rssi which is unchanged from the weeks before.

I keep getting a data connection failed message.

Any ideas?

maybe this sheds some light here is part of the logfile

err ALEOS_WAN_RadioTask: Unable to establish data session, return value: 1014 failurereason: 10, line: 5549

Anyone tell me what the failure reason or the other codes mean?