Cell(BCCH) Selection

Is it possible to do something related to cell selection process (turn of automatic mode) using Open AT SDK or any other way?

What, exactly??

to be axect, I need to connect modem to the tower a specific tower, not to the one which has a strongest signal


I think BCCH broadcast control channel, this channel includes the paging for exapmle. I think you would like to change the BTS (Base Transceiver Station). I dont think wavecom AT firmware allows normal users to tap into this low level GSM mechanism.

If you would like to monitor the cell around the ME you can use the AT+CCED.

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Perhaps if you explained why you want to do this, someone might be able to offer a suggestion?

What exactly are you trying to achieve? :confused:

Note that a specific “Tower” (Cell Site) is not necessarily a single cell!

Doing this seems somewhat contrary to the whole principle of cellular radio (the MS shouldn’t really care what cell it’s in, or which BTS is serving it) - so I think it’s a bit unlikely.

Perhaps you could use a (very) directional antenna, and just be careful to point it straight at the “Tower” you want…?

first of all thank you for your suggestions concerning my question…

well, I understand that one tower usually serves three cells… that is why I need to set certain BCCH channels. Module keeps that list somewhere in its memory (don’t know where) and constantly updates it. Every cell in certain LAC has its on BCCH frequencie on which it broadcasts information. If I would be able to choose which frequencies to monitor(borbid module using certain frequencies) I could control cell selection proccess it simply wouldn’t be able to see certain cells.

Using directive antennas is an option, however it is not a very flexible way to deal with this problem :slight_smile:

answering question why I need this: gsm operators offer billing plans with cheaper calling rates if you call from your home location(one cell), I want to expand this home area as much as possible

I don’t think you can generalise that.

A transceiver may be omnidirectional, so it is just one cell, or it may be sectored into a number of cells.

A tri-sectored site has 3 cells, but I am sure there are many other configurations possible!

Are you sure that “home location” is defined as just a single cell?

GSM cells are not of fixed size, and there is no guarantee that any particular location will always be served by exactly one cell - so I don’t think this would really be a workable definition?

For example, I have a modem on my desk and it frequently switches from one cell to another

well, i don’t know exactly if it is one cell or few cells, maybe it is whole location to which I am allowed to connect, however, my aim stayes the same,
as in city area there are many BTS’s (good signal quality) being capable to connect to certain cell (one of my LAC cells if this is the case) would expand my home locations, I think