I want to use another GSM cell

I’m using Q2686RD with Fw7.44

The module should automatically use the cell with the best available signal.
But, just because I’m capricious, I would like to force it to use another cell (from the same provider).

Is it possible ?
Can’t find the AT command to do this.

There is an application note on “Cell Lock” - I think you should start there…

sierra wireless have a private at command about cell lock…you can contact with your distributer.

I remember is at+ccell

I confirm that there an Application Note about cell locking.
Thank you awneil & tank_duan, I’ve found no trace of it on sierra’s website…just a old version on google.

The command is
AT+CCELL= to lock
AT+CCELL=0 to unlock

Tested on Fw7.44. It does exaclty what I need.

I’ve asked my distributor for a updated version of the AN (still waiting).