on site 274 of AT_Command_Inerface_guide_for_OS660_rev003.pdf i found how to enable / disable messages of the +CCELL command.

Does annybody know what +CCELL is doing?

There is no description in anny .pdf file relating to OS660.



Hi CS,

This command is used to switch the current main cell to another one… I think you need to pass the cell id as one and only parameter to the at+ccell command. So I guess you could look up neighboring cells with at+cced=0,2 and pick out one you like and switch to that…

It is probably not mentioned in the docs because (I think) network providers don’t like you to use this command… You may generate unnecessary traffic for them and also if everybody uses this, some cells could get particularly jammed up while others remain too much idle… I don’t know how providers handle that and if it is possible that they can prevent you from switching to an overloaded cell. :question:

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Hi Jan,

thank you for your “cheat”. I have tried it, but you have to use the channel number instead of the CI. Then it works well. The modem answers with +ccell: channelnumber, 0 (works with new main cell) or +ccell: channelnumber, 2 (still searching for basestation).



Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the info!!

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Thanks for Information.
Now it is clear why this command is not in the documentation.
It a very nice feature and unic in the gsm modem world.
Telit and Siemens can’t do so.
But, as i know, it is not etsi conform and forbidden.
So i can’t use in professional applications.

Nevertheless its nice to know.
cs :bulb: