Locking/Manual Register on to a specific cell

I am trying to force the modem to lock on to specific cell by ARFCN/UARFCN (so as to camp on a preferred cell), using the Legato interface. I glanced at the LE_MRC (Modem Radio Control) interface and it doesn’t look like it would be possible. There only seems to be a preferred operator selection.

I was looking at U-Blox modules, which have this provision within their AT Commands list ( Lock on a specific cell +UCELLLOCK ), so I am hoping the possibility is there with most QCom modems.

Is there any other low-level API (QMI?) I can look into (or manipulating the MRC functions) to make this possible? Already asked in the Legato forums, but this seems like the more appropriate place as this isn’t a legato specific query.

(Target module: mangOH Red - WP760X)


It might be possible with some of the QMI based modules but you are going to need to go through your distributor to confirm API and modem support for the API’s that have been generated in the past for specific products that can acheive this.

In the past this was a popular feature for a number of reasons but there have been fewer and fewer requests over the last few years given the deployment of more technology i.e. 2G, 3G, LTE in the same location so locking to a specific cell might get over one issue but raises others.

Given the above could you elaborate on your use case/reason to want it just for information so we can better design our products?



For example: In our apartment complex, there are some GSM/WCDMA cells which have lower RSSI but are the only ones that actually work (Tx). It also helps me get a rough idea about all the cells around and “map” them, not just looking at the neighbor cells of the “strongest” cell.

So yes, this feature would help a lot (as niche as the use case might be).

Thank you for the response.