Carrier Aggregation - Issue with configuration of SCC on MC7430


We are developing software for an LTE small cell and I’m trying to run some Carrier Aggregation tests using an MC7430 connected to a Raspberry Pi. The issue that we are facing is that the UE isn’t able to complete the attach procedure.

From the eNB’s POV, I can see that it’s sending the RRC Connection Reconfiguration message to the UE with details about the SCC. The UE does not respond to this message and thus the eNB registers a Radio Link Failure. Is there any way for me to check why the UE would be having issues with this message?

Some more info about our test setup: the MC7430 is connected to a B38 small cell via RF cables, so radio conditions are very good. We have tested CA with another UE successfully, so the feature itself is expected to work. On the exact same physical setup but a different software image (which doesn’t support CA), we were able to attach the UE without issues.


Which CA combo you want to test? What is the Cell Bandwidth you set? Which firmware version you are using (i.e. ATI9 command)?