Can't go back uart console

Hi everyone
I using FX30S model, I was changed UART1 use AT!MAPUART=17,1 command
Unfortunately It new and don’t have any code in there. It mean UART1 not work and I can’t use it
How can I go back console on UART1?, Please give me instruction

Hi there,
If you are using Windows, check your device manager for the COM port on either the AT command port or the Modem port. Use a tool like Putty or Tera Term and connect at 115200, then issue:


The console should come back on UART1.


Thank for your support
I was asked usersuport they tell me some instructions then it worked
Use USB to get console (ssh root@
Write AT command (microcom /dev/ttyAT -E)
Change UART to console (AT!MAPUART=16,1)