FX30s Self-Restart during /dev/ttyHS0 /dev/ttyAT communication

Hi everyone !

I would like to develop an application on FX30s which use UART1 (RS232 - MAPUART = 15,1 /dev/ttyHS0) and /dev/ttyAT. I would like to reproduce exactly the same comportement as using MAPUART = 1,1 during a GPRS communication with a datalogger.
I developped a basic gateway app between the /dev/ttyHS0 and /dev/ttyAT and it looks like it work good (all AT command works well). However during transmission the datalogger open a PPP (point to point protocol) transmission and send data to our server. At this moment it seems like my application cause a problem and the FX30s self restart. I don’t understand this comportement.

Note that when I use MAPAURT = 1,1 the PPP transmission work well.

I attach my application and a tera term log of the serial communication between RS232 port and my datalogger when the problem occurs.

Do you have any idea or experience about this? This problem could totally blocks my progress.

myAPP.zip (3.3 KB)

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