Can't connect to Fastrack GO USB

It’s not possible to connect to a Fastrack GO USB device with expresso. The first step in the connection process goes ok, but for some reason this is not the case for the second step! I get the message ‘You tried to communicate with your target, but you are not connected. Adjust your connection’s settings and hit the “Connect” button.’! I tried all different baud rates and still it doesn’t connect to the device!

In the release notes I see that there’s a known issue with the Fastrack GO USB. Is this the ‘known issue’? If so, any update on when this is going to be solved?



Hi Ralf,

There are indeed some known issues with Fastrack GO USB device. We will try to fix this for the version 1.2 planned for mid-December.


Hi Jacques,

Thanks for the answer, but I was wondering if there will be a testversion of the firmware available before mid December to try out? I reall need the Fastrack GO USB working in the next couple of weeks and with the current firmware version is this impossible.



I think the issue was with Expresso (PC software) - not the firmware (in the Fastrack) :question:

So just don’t use Expresso - use a “normal” terminal program?

See above - I don’t think it’s a firmware issue?

Sorry my mistake! Instead of ‘firmware’ I actually meant ‘driver software’!

Also with a ‘normal’ terminal software program like Hyper terminal the Fastrack GO doesn’t work!

More detail required!

More details:

I can connect to the GO with hyper terminal (at least it looks like it, I can choose the right COM port with the appropriate settings) and it actually says ‘Connected’, but if I send the ‘AT’ command I don’t get the response ‘OK’.

well, connected doesn’t mean anything with hyperterminal, it just means that the port is opened.