Cannot run using Open AT 4.00 (RemoteTasks Monitor)

I am trying to get a sample application running on a Q2686H using Open AT 4.00. I’ve followed the Open AT Tutorial for Hello World and I can get the application to compile, but I cannot get it to run. Everything works as advertised in the tutorial up to the point where I click “Start” in RemoteTasks Monitor. I simply do not get any traces in the Target Monitoring Tool and no communication in the Terminal Emulator. The settings are configured correctly.

What am I doing wrong?

As a sanity check I disconnected all of the cables and tried running the application. When I clicked “Start” in RemoteTasks Monitor the status lights still went to “running,” even though I know that this is completely impossible.


Open-AT SDK Version: 4.00
Open-AT Version: B60d09gg.Q2686H 2034956 102605 13:37
Tutorial: WM_ASW_OAT_UGD_001-006

Thanks for your help.


The problem was the first character in the version:
B60d09gg.Q2686H 2034956 102605 13:37
I was running beta firmware. After getting new modules that run the latest firmware, everything runs smoothly.


You can always find the compatible firmware on the Open AT SDK CD. You can download that with hyperterminal using 1k Xmodem protocol.

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Hi Tom,

your statement is correct if you replace ‘always’ with ‘usually’ :wink: I think this particular version had a bug that prevented you from upgrading even by the use of DWLWin… Well, not too bad - considering that this version was only ‘Beta’…

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Hello jan,

You are right, i should say ‘usually’ :slight_smile: