Cannot execute command AT#OTCP

I send to my gprs modem the command
and I receive the responce
I also send to the modem the commands
and I receive the error #CME ERROR: 34882”.
The version of the modem firmware is
655_09gg.Q2406B 2015268 111705 17:01 .

These commands were working fine until some sort of crash occured and I installed a newest version of firmware.

Thanks for your time.

The AT# commands are part from external application (not firmware).
You should contact your distributor to get the software and install it with at+wdwl command, and then at+wopen=1 to run it.

Hello again.
I have already loaded the files for the IP connectivity extension using the at+wopen=1 etc.
I have also solved the problems for the commands AT#TCPPORT and AT#TCPSERV (the newest version requires one more parameter).
However. the problem with the AT#OTCP command persists.
Do you know which is the file which contains the extension for the TCP-IP or which command I have to send instead of AT#OTCP in order to establish a TCP connection?
Thanks for your time.


It works with “At#otcp=1 or 2” instead of “At#otcp”.

Everything is ok.

Thanks for your help.