Can i use m2m

i checked the m2m studio, read forum posts and official realse explenation. I wonder if it is compatable with my current environment.

Now i use visual studio 6.0 gcc compiler. my module is fastract supreme 20 and i use open at 663g, wiplib 3.20.

The only thing i should do is to download m2m studio full package from this link ? … _M2MStudio

Will it be compatble with my module and environment.

And one more thing. I work with visual sourcesafe in vs 6.0. Does m2m studio have an option to work with source control?

yes, absolutely. it should be compatible with your modem and software.

I am not sure if it interfaces with SourceSafe. But you could always use SourceSafe interface to do check-in / -out and edit the files in the new m2m environment.

you’ll also need to import the old project… but that’s easy…

see also:

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the answer. Happy to hear it is compatable. i am downloading it now. I will install and try it. If i get any problem, i will ask again.