building multiple source files in M2M

Hi All,

I have used VC++ 6.0 for developing application on Q24 seires.
Now i got M2M studio for Q2686.

But problem arises when i tried to complie multiple source file in M2M studio.

Normaly i used following sequences to include files in project.

#include “global.h” // it is single header file includes all global variable and function definations

#include “flash.c” //these are other source files.
#include “atcmd.c”
#include “file1.c”

and so on…

now this scenario is not applicable for M2M studio.
it is unable to include this files.

Please help me.


I suggest you rethink this immediately! :open_mouth:

This is not agood way to proceed with any IDE - including Visual Studio!

You should compile the individual .c files separately - it is then the Linker which joins them all together.

Any decent book on ‘C’ development will explain this, and there are plenty of examples of doing it in Visual Studio.

Once you have your Visual Studio projects fixed, you will find it much easier to move to M2M studio!

thnks awenil