Can I subscribe for the new A&D cell during recompaction


Hi can i subscribe for a new cell while there is a recompaction under progress. and also can i subscribe for a new cell when there is an unfinalised cell.


I very much doubt it!
Why would you want to?

So long as it’s not a variable-size cell…


One task is recompaction and another task needs to subscribe new A&D cell?
I meet the same problem at this moment. :confused:


You are effectively trying to put the furniture onto the carpet while the cleaners are still cleaning it - that sounds like a very bad idea…

With multitasking systems, you always have to cater for the cases where a resource is unavailable because some other task requires exclusive access to it…


Thnx for the reply…
S i have observed it that u cant subscribe for the new cell id while there is A&D recompaction is under progress. Its gives an error -20 which corresponds to “ADL_AD_RET_ERR_NOT_AVAILABLE”. As the recompaction process deals with entire freed memory the subscription for new cell cant be done