adl_adSubscribe returns error -20 what dows it mean?


when i try to do A&D subscription sometimes it returns error -20 at defined as “ADL_AD_RET_ERR_NOT_AVAILABLE” or “ADL_RET_ERR_SPECIFIC_BASE”… what is the cause for this error and how to solve it… pls help me out m dyin here cos of this bug :angry:


The cause of this error is exactly as stated clearly in the manual:

is also given in the manual - at the start of the section about the A&D Storage Service:


Hi thnx a lot for the reply… but what i ve to do at that time to subscribe any A&D memory


If there is no A&D memory, then you obviously can’t subscribe it!

I don’t know if it’s allowed to send the necessary AT+WOPEN command from within your Open-AT application - but I very much suspect not!

I very much suspect that you have to ensure that the A&D size is correct before you start you application…

Your application could use adl_adGetState to verify the availability of A&D storage - and give an error if it’s not as required…


Hi thnx for the reply,
actually i wanted to kno wen this error can occure. I came to kno dat it happened during recompaction process wen i was tryin to subscibe for the new cell id while the recompaction was under progress.