ADL_AD_RET_ERROR from adl_adSubscribe

I’m getting a -22 from adl_adSubscribe, which appears to be ADL_AD_RET_ERROR. Documentation for adl_adSubscribe does not list ADL_AD_RET_ERROR as a returned value.

Under what circumstance does ADL_AD_RET_ERROR occur and how can it be handled?


BTW: It’s running on R7.44.0.201008311212.FXT009 2146096 083110 12:12

The possible reason for receiving error -22(ADL_AD_RET_ERROR) when using adl_adSubscribe() API could be because ,the A&D storage volume has become corrupted after repeated A&D operations and needs a re-compaction.
The work around in this case could be, call adl_adRecompact () API to Recompact the A&D storage volume after unsubscribing from the cell.