Documentation Errors & Omissions

Ooh - a new seciton to the forum:

Well, herre are some previously noted documentation errors & omissions

A&D Return code -22, ADL_AD_RET_ERROR, undocumented … .php?t=705

ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE not documented; adl_atCmdCreate incorrectly documented … .php?t=560

Hardware Timer Access - Undocumented … .php?t=541

Endian-ness Undocumented … .php?t=519

Seems it’s still not (properly) documented:

For the A&D Return code -22, ADL_AD_RET_ERROR, undocumented issue a documentation tracker has been created.




Where can we follow these “documentation tracker” items?

Hi Awneil

The tracker regarding the same has been fixed and the documentation will be updated from the next OASIS release i.e. 2.36.



When is that due to be released?

I am building an as detailled as possible SL808 module in order to verify the thermal behaviour. I will have to run a thermal simulation in an automotive environement.
I miss information about the module PCB itself. Here are my needs:

  • How many layers?
  • What is the copper thickness for each?
  • What is the copper coverage percentage for each?
  • How many vias passing completely through this PCB?
  • What are the internal and external diameter of vias?
    Those information are mandatory to be able to calculate the thermal conductivity in plane and through the PCB.
    Thank you!

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