Can I run only one application in one Wavecom Fastrack modem


Hello. Im trying to run more than one application (.dwl) and when I download a new application, last application cant run and new application run. Is that mean only one aplication run only one modem ?


As far as i know, yes… only one application… but one application can do many things…


Yes, as far as I know you can only download one .dwl at a time - if you download another, it wil overwrite the previous.

However, have you looked at the Multi-App sample that’s supplied with the SDK by Wavecom?

It effectively allows you to download a “set” of applications in a single .dwl, and provides facilities to control the individual “applications”

As ever, if you explained what you’re actually trying to achieve, people may be able to offer other suggestions…


I want to run eDSoft-W302_V210.dwl application with my own application (aaa.dwl) but how ? is there any way to do this ?


You don’t run edSoft as an Application - you link it as a Library for your application!

Not that edSoft has been superseded by WIP…


you are rigth. how can i link this librariy. I have vc7_eDlib-W302_V210.lib and I developed my application .net 2003 C++


You do it via the Project Wizard.

It’s explained in the Documentation

As I said, the edLib stuff has now been superseded, so I no longer have it to hand to check.


thank you very much for your help, but Im a new user, and I couldnt find this in the documantation. Im developing my application in VC7. I wantto learn , is there any way to run AT+ConnectionStart command (in edl***.dwl) in my application. or another way to do like this…