BX3105 WiFi module TCP communication in TLS mode

Hi all,

I am looking through the datasheet of the BX3105 WiFi/Bluetooth module (AirPrime BX310x AT command reference). There is a lot information about the HTTPS protocol but under TCP configuration, there is only a mention that it is possible to put the module in secure client (TLS) mode.

May I know if the cipher suite mentioned under HTTPS will apply in TCP secure client mode?

Are there any differences between TCP secure client and HTTPS modes and are they documented anywhere?

Thank you!

I guess it would use the same certificate in +KCERTSTORE

Hi, thanks for getting back. It makes sense to use +KCERTSTORE to specify the certificate. For TCP, how would you configure the type of encryption, key exchange, and signing method?

Thanks again.

this is related to how you generate the certificate

Thanks. If I use Let’s Encrypt as my CA, will I be able to generate a certificate with all of the information provided? Will appreciate it if you provide some links and references that will point me in the right direction. Thank you.

here has some example on generating the certificate with openssl:


That’s great! Do you know if using AWS to generate client certificates will work, as shown in this link?


i don’t know, never used this one.
Openssl should be the easiest way.

Ok, thanks. You have been very helpful.