Bx3105 mqtt/tcp tls

Firmware 2.5.0-2
+KHTTPSCFG <sec_level> allows for setting different authentications types (none, server, server and client)

Neither +KMQTTCFG or +KTCPCFG have this option. Does the BX3105 support 2-way authentication for mqtt and or tcp sessions?


Hi Michael
The datasheet mentions:
AT+KMQTTCFG=, , , <version_indicator>, <client_id> …
It is possible to set <secure=1> then TLS (Transport Layer) is active.

I am trying to connect to AWS IOT using this option, but has not yet been able to establish a connection. Without TLS I can connect to an “open” broker and publish data, but not using Certs and TLS.

If you had any luck doing so, I would appreciate your feedback.

FW version 2.6.3