Breakpoints do not work


I’m testing a library using a testing application which calls library functions one by one. I set a main task as an initialization function the library has, and a task calling the test function in order to be able to set breakpoints and use them. I have a couple of questions about that:

  1. Is it dangerous that main task dies after initialization of library?

  2. Breakpoints doesn’t work at all. Even if I set them in the middle of the test function to avoid synchronization problem of the debugger.

I’m using DS 2.1.0, OpenAT 2.36, OpenAT OS 6.36, and Firmware 7.46. My library depends on WIP.

May anyone helop with these questions?


  1. no; ADL is actually completely event-driven, and task entry points can be considered as “initialization handlers”, which can return.

  2. linked to Cannot debug in Embedded GDB mode - #24 by daav isn’t it?