Debug Mode versus ed_library

Hi, I´ve been experiencing some problems using debug mode of OpenAT Development Kit.

As I receive data from DataHandle I automatically send data back to the server with ed_SendDataExt(); function.

Loading the application to the module everything works fine! But the Debug Mode always crash after the ed_SendDataExt(); function.

Does anybody know anything about it?

Best Regards,


HI Henrique,
I aplogize for delayed answer. Actually, I was out of station.
I too have experienced similar problem with ed_SendDataExt () function while sending data in debug mode.
In my case, the application crashed. In target mode, however, everything worked fine.

With debug mode, if you try to send large amout of data, (about 200 or 300 bytes) or continously send data (by repeatedly calling ed_SendDataExt()), problem is experienced.

Hence, it is better to test the applicaiton in target mode.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.