ed_SendData by UDP problem


Hello, all.
I’ve just started to create applications using OpenAT and faced the following problem:
I’m trying to send data over UDP. I successfully attached GPRS and created UDP socket. But then I’m trying to send more then 14 bytes of data, socket seemed to hang up.
This is my socket related code:

void UdpRsp_Handler(s32 code, TeDHandle id)

u16 UdpData_Handler(u16 length, u8 *data, TeDHandle id)
	return length;

void UdpData_Request(u16 MaxLen, TeDHandle id)
        ascii message[19] = "somelongdatastring";
	ed_SendData(message, sizeof(message), TRUE);

When sending less then 14 bytes all works fine: data transmits and finally UdpRsp_Handler receives ED_OK_UDP_CLOSED message. But then data size is 15 or greater traces stopped at [fcmSendData] Send new Data. After that socket is “disappeared”, but no visible messages or events occured.
i’m using OpenAT 3.02, Q2501B module and RTE with VS .NET.
I’d gladly appreciate any help since this weird behaviour totally confused me.
Best regards, Serguei.


Hi Serguei,

I haven’t used UDP service… I don’t know what the problem is, but I would try to compile and run the program in target mode. So you can make sure that it isn’t caused by the RTE (or the timing of the RTE application)…

Best Regards,


Thanks, Jan. It really was RTE problem. Or problem with my understanding of RTE :slight_smile: