UDP socket communication


I have two Q2438 modules which I am connecting to my PC and using Hyperterminal to send AT commands. Following are the commands that I am sending.

AT+WCRX=1,1 //Set UDP receive mode; unsolicited data receive.
at+wppp=0 //Start a PPP session
at+wipc //display’s IP address
at+wosk=1,ip1,ip2,ip3,ip4,port# //Start a UDP socket connection to IP address of the other modem on port# specified
at+wstx=1,session#,5abcde //(6)Transmit socket data

The data reaches the other end module but what gets transmitted to hyperterminal is and . The actual data abcde does not get displayed.

I have tried this with firmware version 3.03 on both ends as well as 3.03 on one end and 3.43 on the other end.

Any help will be appreciated.