Debugging with Eclipse


Hi everybody,

This maybe a stupid question, but how do I set breakpoints? In the options, I see a check mark next to “stop at main() on startup”. But when I run the debugger, it tells me “Unable to set temporary breakpoint in main. Reason: Target request failed:. No symbol table is loaded. Use the “file” command…”

Now, how would I do that??

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Do you want a breakpoint in the embedded code, running on the target, or in the remote-mode “simulation” on the PC?


Hi awneil,

I didn’t think it would be possible to set breakpoints in the target code. If I can do that, will I be able to inspect the values of variables when the program reached the breakpoint? That would be really great!

Anyway, if that’s not possible, I would also be glad to know how to use the debugger in simulation mode.

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Hello collegs

I want to use ECLIPS IDE for V2.20, V3.2 and higher versions
I need assistance how can I use OpenAT with Eclips compiling and debugging

I there some documantation to do step by step?