Bootloader and ESP32 RF Performance firmware

We have the BX3105 being used in our product and are trying to load the ESP32_RF_TEST_BIN_V1.4.6_20181019.bin firmware image on using the Sierra Wireless bootloader, but each time I reboot the module, it has reverted back to 2.7.2. I’m starting to wonder if some signing or the like is getting in the way, and causing it not to be loaded successfully.

I noticed in “Conducted RF Test Setup Guide”, (2174227-3.1) that it recommends using an alternative SKU for the module (which isn’t given for the BX3105). Is this the only way to load the ESP32 RF_TEST firmware on?

Thanks in advance.



Short answer is that yes, all production units, so that means every piece of hardware we produce, from GNSS short range (so BT) through to 3GPP modems all have signed firmware which means that you are unable to load whatever you want onto them.

This is all part of the security from Sierra as it prevents devices being hacked in the field.



Hi @matthewhuck,
Only authentic, signed Sierra firmware can be used in the update process.
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