Board for Q2501B


I have a problem, maybe someone will help me or give some information.
I have developed application (program) for Q25101B module everything works ok.

Now i want to make system work stand alone.
I am trying to find some simle board to attach module.
In other words i want to track my car, but the evaliution board is too big and do not need any connectos exept power (antenas connects directly)

I have searched long time but can not find any product for this my problem. I am a programmer so it is hard to make some hardware myself

Any advice are welcome


Use a Fastrack modem?

Or maybe an Integra module?

Or this GSM Socket Modem (AL7002S):

Or (some of) these are Wavecom-based: … ss_modems/

I’m sure there must be others…

I need some pcb board for wavecom q2501b or component layout schema in order to make a pcb.

So any guy who can help or sold something like genlock25 OEM?

Any advice are welcome


A what? :confused:

Are you using Q2501b module for vehicle tracking?

If yes where you mounting Q2501B as i think you should use some board, place on it a module and …

So i am looking for this board something like GenLocc25 OEM … enloc25oem


Are you still need it? I have it in both of attached board and complete box with fully OpenAT driven. you can contact me at