Binary communication via USB


Looking for a way to communicate BINARY with FXT009 thorugh USB.

Is there a way to achieve this? Which software is suited for this?

As far as the Open-AT application is concerned, the USB is just another UART.

ok. but I want to check out the binary messages comin in and out of the pc. That way it’s easier for me to build a parser.

Aprecciate your time.

What binary messages are you talking about? Surely what ever you send via the uart (as an unsigned byte) will be read by the modem? Or do you want to view the actual CDC packets?

want to real the actual packets in a hexviewer…

Why :question:

That’s a step - not a goal :exclamation:

What do you want to parse :question:

To what end :question:


I want to parse the position message coming out of the FXT009. Clearcom protocol.

Goal:: Estabish a tracking website with opengts.

Do you mean this: :question:

If so, why aren’t you talking to ClearConnex for support in working with their protocol :question: :exclamation:

So why not just use one of the protocols that openGTS already supports :question:

Because I would have to program the embeddeed. Clearcomm is an embedded program.

No, it’s a platform - not a program:

However, they do offer a ready-made embedded application built on that platform:

For support with that, you should obviously be talking to ClearConnex

I have that “platform” on my unit.

So… I still need to do the parsing.

So what has USB got to do with it?

ClearComm is about transferring the data over the air - isn’t it? :confused:

yes, indeed.

I can communicate with th device via USB with ASCII.

I was trying to do it so via binary, matter of fact a tool like this is in development.

Doing this would help me understand better the protocol used by the modem, so it would be easier for me to build the parser.

Again, as far as the Open-AT application is concerned, the USB port is just another UART.

As far as a UART is concerned, it’s all just bytes - “ASCII” or “binary” is irrelevant.

So, if there is anything that needs any specific handling, it is not in the modem!

Modem can send messages coded in ASCII or Binary.

When it sends in ASCII, of course, bits are only sent, but they are still coded in ASCII. Coding in ASCII takes much more bits than sending the same info in binary.

Can you help in getting some tool to see the actual packets from and out to the modem?

I still don’t see the point of this! :confused:

  • If the “binary” messages in question are from ClearCommm, then you should just be speaking to ClearConnex for support in handling them (similarly for any other 3rd party);

  • If the “binary” messages in question are from your own application, well, they are your own - you should know how they are formatted and what to do with them!

I’ll let you know when I have this solved. Thanks!