BC127 : TWS with analog audio IN


I have a microphone connected to BC127 analog IN (module 1). I have a TWS configuration where BC127 module 1 is configured as TWS master with ROUTE 1 : it sends analog IN audio to BC 127 module 2 in a TWS connection.
Module 1 and module 2 analog OUT are connected to speakers. I noticed that :

  • we can hear a well synchronized audio stream between module 1 and module 2
  • we can hear a latency ~1s between microphone and audio played on speakers. That means when user speaks in microphone, its voice will be played ~1s later by speakers. So he will hear an horrible echo! In this case, it’s unusable.

Is this latency normal behavior? Can I reduce it?




Short answer is not 1 second latency is not normal but can you post some log files with the following commands in them?