BC127 TWS calls

Hello !

I am using two BC127 modules with Melody7.3.
One BC127 is connected to my phone : AVRCP, A2DP, HFP profiles are opened.
I successfully connected together the two BC127 with TWS link.

A2DP streaming is working properly : Left channel on Master BC127 and right channel on Slave BC127.
This is the default configuration : TWS_CONFIG=OFF 1 2

The problem is that having a phone call (HFP link) will suspend the TWS link.
Could you please tell me how to keep the mono signal (call RX) to be forward to TWS link ?
Maybe it would need a updated version of the stack ?
I would really appreciate your help / support on this.


Hi again !

I would really appreciate your help on this ticket.

Thanks for your support,