BC127 TWS desable/enable

Hello, I would like to make 3 BC127 working together. The first one (A) is source digital sound (like a phone or something else) and the two others (B and C) link in TWS (one left and the other rigth).
For the moment i a have make work the 2 (B and C) in TWS mode with a phone (replace A) or something else, but when i replace phone by BC127 (A) the conection goes directly in TWS mode and then i can’t make the TWS link betwen (B and C).
Is it possible ? How can i cancel a TWS link betwen 2 BC127 ?.
Thanks in advance .


Yes, it is.
You can use TWS_CONFIG or CLOSE command.
If you want TWS auto-connect disabled, set <enable_autoconn> to OFF (TWS_CONFIG=OFF 1 2) or use CLOSE command to send disconnection request.
Please refer to Melody Audio 7.x User Guide r3.pdf for more details.

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