BC127 TWS MODE how to?


How is everyone?
I have two BC127 devices, just updated them with the latest Melody 7.1.
I`m working on the TWS mode, I used the commands to set the correct mode of every unit. I think I did it correctly Left channel Master, right channel Slave. I can establish TWS using the OPEN btaddrXXX TWS command.
But I want to keep that in the memory of the units. So after power on the next time, to have them pair together, without commands been send. Is this possible? I want to use them for wireless speakers without any user interface.
Also, is it possible to see only the Master unit? Because I can see now both Master and slave so it will be confusing.
And another one, I have music in both channels of both devices, why is that? I set on to be left, one to be right.


Can you show me the configuration you use by enter “config” on the terminal connects to BC127?


I tried a lot of configurations.
Mainly I want to know is how to set the following:

  1. How to set Master R or L channel and Slave L or R channel.
  2. How to preset pairs Master Slave with automatic power-on connection?
    I was reading about TWS_CONFIG it has to be: TWS_CONFIG=ON 1 2 for both channels?
    Also ROLE (HCI) this command is not working, or I`m wrong? I cannot set Master/Slave with Role?


TWS_CONFIG is the right configuration to look into for the two questions you have.
If you want TWS reconnect automatically, set <enable_autoconn> to ON.
Audio routing (i.e. master/salve) is depending on the Bluetooth address.
Please refer to Melody user guide for details.