BC127 Mono Operation


Hello all,
Is it possible to configure the DAC (left or right analog out) to output a mono signal, in order to connect the module to a single speaker?
(mono signal = the sum of right and left channels)
My goal is try to avoid summing both outputs with resistors - If it can be done by software it would be much simpler.




I have been looking around and no I do not think you can set audio from the A2DP it to mono within the firmware. I think the HFP audio is already mono.




OK Matt, I will solve the matter externally to the module…

Thanks for your help.

By the way - there is another audio related issue which I’ve posted:

No reply till now…

Can you please help me with that?

Thanks again,



Will try to have a look today.




Hi Matt /Nir,

I have the same issue operating the module with a single speaker (a single channel only - left or right available only)
There is no way for me to solve this externally because the product is already series-production-ready.

Are you sure there is no way to mix down the A2DP stereo signal to mono? Like in TWS operation?
In the documentation it is described as follows:
This is why i was sure that the module could be combined with a single loudspeaker

Do you have any solutions, maybe by the new firmware?