BC127 Test mode

Hello all,

As part of our evaluation test:

Does the BC127 has a “test mode” that can perform - for example, a CW transmission at a frequency which I choose, and a RX BER test etc’…



There are a couple of way to do this but the first question is, is this for production testing or generic product design test?

Unfortunately its not as simple as sending a couple of commands to the unit (a requirement that has been captured for future products). I have attached a document below which describes one of the methods, note the comment about us delivering bluetest3 under NDA is not correct as it is not our software to give out.
9eda7bcc261632ecb678c30e51b7f8933e17685f.pdf (233.0 KB)



Hi Matt,

Thanks for your quick response :slight_smile:
The tests will serve us at production stage.
I have bluetest software from previous projects…
I followed the instructions on the page you attached…works perfectly - just what I needed!

Thanks again for your kind help.