BC127 Conducted test for Bluetooth


To do Bluetooth certification for conducted test, we have followed the guide source.sierrawireless.com/resou … tup_guide/
In 3rd party test lab, the RF power is above class 2 requirement.

Any tips I can do a inspection? or just try different modules?



The apps note just discusses the hardware prep of a given unit. To drive the unit to perform certification testing you do one of two things.

  • Drive it from a BT tester, where the unit connects to a tester and it will command the unit to transmit at full power.
  • Drive it from the unit. This cannot be done using normal operational firmware it has to be done using special test firmware and corresponding tool called Bluetest3 which can be downloaded from the CSR support site(https://www.csrsupport.com/). I have attached a technical note which discusses how to do this through a dev kit, if it is to be done in an application the system integrator needs to figure out how to do this.


BC127_RFtest.pdf (233 KB)