BC127 PIN and Legacy Mode

I have a specific application requiring legacy (PIN mode) pairing. I was told that the BC127 supported this. I’ve configured the PIN code in the system, but when pairing with the dev board, I’m never prompted for the PIN. I’ve tried all the SSP_CAPS options, which display a PIN code on the phone and expect me to enter that onto the BC127 device. How can I get the BC127 to require a matching PIN from the connecting device?


So the below is from the user guide in the pairing section, I presume you have tried this?

For Bluetooth 2.1 devices and newer Melody support different type of pairing (see SSP_CAPS configuration). By default it will accept any pairing request using the ‘JustWorks’ Bluetooth 2.1 method. This means that the module will accept any connection from Smartphones and other devices. The user of the device will not be required to enter a PIN code.

If SSP_CAPS is not set to 3, you might have to use the PASSKEY command to respond to a pairing request.

For Bluetooth 2.0 devices and older Melody will require a PIN code to accept a connection. The PIN code is set to 0000 by default, but can be reconfigured. This means that the phone user will be required to enter the pin code in order to pair successfully.