BC127 Secure pairing and headphones

I have a BC127 working with my application. At the moment I have SSP_CAPS=3 and I can connect both headphones and PC’s to the BC127.

My application requires secure pairing win PC’s. So setting SSP_CAPS=1 I get the PAIR_PASSKEY message and respond with ‘PASSKEY 0 1’ and pairing with the PC works beautifully.

However, when trying to pair headphones I also get the PAIR_PASSKEY message and respond with ‘PASSKEY 0 1’. The headphones say they are paired but when ever it tries to connect it goes through the PAIR_PASSKEY/PASSKEY loop and never connects.

(I have tried SSP_CAPS 0, 2 and 4 with no success.)

I want secure pairing for PC’s and ‘just works’ for headphones.

Help please

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In fact what was missed here by Sierrawireless was to make SSP_CAPS a bitmask.
So we could accept pairings with SSP_CAPS 1 OR 3

Hey, Sierrawireless: Are there “hidden” SSP_CAPS like 13 (1 and 3) ?

On further investigation. I can get everything to work (by just replaying to PAIR_PASSKEY with PASSKEY 0 1). Except when the headphones try to connect they send a PAIR_PASSKEY and what ever I do the connection will not happen. Different headphones behave differently. Some just send once and then give up. Others will try repeatedly for some time before giving up. A connection from the BC127 to the headphones cannot be made until it gives up.