BC127 Breakout V2 - How to connect with my ios app using cla

have bought one device name BC127 from Bluecreation which photo is attached in the mail.I am developing an IOS app which can connect with BC127 and want to send some signal to device.

My question is that how can i list the classic bluetooth connected device in my native app ?
Which profile, i should use in my source code to list classic bluetooth devices in my app ?
How can i send signal to bluetooth device from iphone ?

So please just review above detail and let me know your feedback. You can help me that if i want to achieve above things in native ios app then how can i achieve this. What is the framework and profiles, need to import my code.

Any help/answer is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Also let me know if you need further information.

For classic bluetooth usage,
you need to check out bluetooth over MFi on iOS.

The current board you have is not able to communicate with iOS.

  1. you need a CP chip for MFi
  2. only iAP profile is available for data communication
  3. External Accessory framework is the framework your are looking for
  4. no user control for bluetooth connection, only notifications when it’s connected/disconnected

It’s better to get the MFi BC127 EVB from MFi vendor to try. and you will need MFi license to buy one.