BC127-DEVKIT001 iAP2 Implementation

Hi there,

This is Jun from Guangdong Creator & FlyAudio Ele & Tech Co., Ltd., an MFi Manufacturer Licensee who have just purchased BC127-DEVKIT001 from Avnet Inc. I’ve followed the instruction and now iPhone can talk to BC127-DEVKIT using iAP2. I can even capture iAP over Bluetooth Link Packets by using BPA 100 Bluetooth analyzer on ATS software. Here is an example command that I’ve tried,

Send 19 Hello World

According to a capture on ATS, an External Accessory Session Message with “Hello World” as payload has been sent from BC127 (Accessory) to iPhone. It seems SEND is the only serial command for BC127 to send data over iAP2 link layer. Here is a question,

Are there serial commands for BC127 to send/receive Control Session Messages over iAP2 link layer? I will need it to implement MFi features such as Media Library Access.




The only commands that I am aware of are those specified in the documentation, the unit has a music manager on board which handles a lot of these requests over the AVRCP profile.



Hi Matt,

AVRCP is not what I expect to do with BC127-DEVKIT001 but iAP2. iAP2 include Control Session Message and External Accessory Session Message. BC127-DEVKIT001 seems to be able to handle External Accessory Session Messages only. If there is now way I can send Control Session Message, please advise if I can make RFCOMM transparent to serial port?