BC-127 connect to two devices



I have an audio recorder which needs to be monitored AND remote controlled.

I use a BC-127 module in the recorder as a2dp source… but since Android phones don’t seem to be able to act as a2dp sink, I need a small BT audio receiver for audio and that works fine.

My issue is that the accompanying avrcp protocol doesn’t offer enough possibilities as a remote and I’d like to use SPP (or whatever else) from my phone.

Can I make a new connection - perhaps in BLE mode - when the BC-127 has already a classic link with another device? And if not, could you imagine another way to solve my problem?

Sébastien Schiesser



The short answer is that yes you can create either a BLE or SPP link to the same (or another) device to send further commands but the data over these links will need to be handled by an app on the device to carry out the commands.

Note SPP is not able to be used on iOS devices because they have disabled it so for universal compatibility I would say that using BLE would be better.




Thanks Matt for the quick short answer.
I take note about the disabled SPP on iOS and am aware about the need of an app at the phone side.
Additional question: how can I go on advertising (BLE or Classic mode) once the first a2dp link has been established? I am currently only communicating with the BC-127 over the UART link.



You can set the bt_state (set bt_state=2 2) for BTC and for BLE advertising on.




Ok. That’s actually same than setting BLE_ROLE=2.
Finally :wink: does that play a role if the BC-127 ist set to 2 (central) or 1 (peripheral)?



A peripheral can advertise, a central does not (hopefully I got that the right way around). That’s because peripherals need to be connected to by central’s i.e. a heart rate is a peripheral and it needs to advertise for the smart phone/watch to be able to see it and subsequently connect.




I think you’re right :wink: and that’s what I thought just after writing to you: since my recorder can’t select which device it connects to, it has to advertise, also be a peripheral (BLE_ROLE = 1).

Thanks for quick help.

Best, Sébastien