BC127 Classic and BLE simultaneously

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I’m planning a device that could connect to BLE-only device to transmit & receive “slow” data and also could connect to Classic Audio Bluetooth device to transmit & receive voice simultaneously. I hope that BC127 Melody is capable to do so. Right?

Also is it possible to connect BC127 to another device via 2 links (BLE and Classic) simultaneously. If so I could transfer “slow” data & voice simultaneously. Possible?


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The BC127 is capable of connecting and operating on BLE and classic simultaneously, however, the issue I see for you is if you want to stream data to/from them both at the same time. The UART interface has no mechanism to allow this so you are either going to be handling a lot of unsolicited responses/sending commands to send data very quickly or switching into data mode for BT classic and back out for BLE. Either way it will be very fast and have various sync problems around it.