BC127 bluetooth walkie talkie between two phones

Hello to all BC127 experts,

I’m trying to develop a product where two devices (such as two smart phones) can communicate to each other via BC127, allowing two users to have a voice “call” via Bluetooth only (bluetooth “Walkie Talkie” :iphone::calling:)


I’ve been able to connect two phones to one BC127 using A2DP.
But I can’t figure out how to route the audio streams from one phone to the other. :thinking:

Should I be using a different profile?
Maybe an internal configuration is needed?
Any external hardware needed? (I’m planning to develop a board with all needed components, so if extra hardware is the solution - great too)

ANY idea how to accomplish the above goal (2 phones talking via Bluetooth using BC127| will be highly appreciated !!! :pray:

Thank you!