Wireless Audio In, Wireless Audio Out with Multiple BC127's


I have a Bluetooth headset (microphone and speaker) and I want the speaker on the Bluetooth headset microphone to output audio to a caller, and I want the Bluetooth headset speaker to take audio input from a caller. I want the BC127 to be a middleman here so it can take the caller metadata and send it to a microcontroller (which will then display that on a screen for the user to see).

After looking through the forums, Connection between Bluetooth Headphone and BC127 module was very helpful (and very similar to this question), though it doesn’t help me at after a point. He has a wired audio input, and I want a wireless input audio.

In theory, can this be done? If so, how can this be completed? I am at a loss on how to even pair up the devices.

What I feel may work:
I have the Bluetooth headset on one BC127 with the AGHFP and A2DP profiles. I have another BC127 that connects my phone to the HFP profile. I then route the speaker out on one BC127 to the microphone in on another BC127 (and vice versa). Will this work? Am I overthinking this/can a single BC127 fulfill this function? Can I directly connect speaker out to microphone in or do I need an amplifier/AC coupling?

Thanks for reading this,

As an update,

I may have been overthinking this. Instead of routing the audio through multiple BC127’s, I could simply have a single BC127 control the phone call. Here is a better description:

Routing audio through 2 BC127’s

  • Headset microphone ->(AGHFP)-> BC127(A) Speaker Out ->(wired)-> BC127(B) Microphone In ->(HFP)-> Phone
  • Phone ->(HFP) -> BC127(B) Speaker Out ->(wired)-> BC127(A) Speaker Out ->(A2DP)-> Headset speaker

BC127 as a controller

  • Phone <-(HFP control & audio)-> Headset
  • Phone <-(HFP control w/o audio)-> BC127
    Have the BC127 control when a phone call is incoming and ability to accept the phone call, and NOT route the audio through the BC127, but rather route the audio through the headset.

When I accept a call through the BC127, the audio automatically routes through the BC127. I do not want this. How can this be changed so there is no audio input, but just control?

hi Steven.

i have read your case. it is similar to my case. you can follow the two BC127 approach. it is working fine for me.