Bandwidth and increasing sig/noise value via AT commands

I have one RV50 in a remote location with limited bandwidth (rsrp108,rsrq-14,rssi-77,sinr1.1) Reading through the AT commands I noticed a command !DALSRXBW, see bellow (from AT Command Reference pdf)

My question is, can I reduce the bandwidth (by using this AT command) and increase the sig/noise value thus increasing my overall RSRQ. Right now I have limited bandwidth in this remote location. RSRP and RSSI are good, but my RSRQ is to low to provide the minimal bandwidth needed.

Set LTE Rx bandwidth (LTE only)
Set the LTE Rx bandwidth.
• !DASBAND must be issued before you can use this command.
• This command must be issued before you can use !DALGAVGAGC.
Password required: Yes
• Execution: AT!DALSRXBW=
Response: OK
Purpose: Set the LTE Rx bandwidth.
(LTE bandwidth)
• 0=1.4 MHz
• 1=3 MHz
• 2=5 MHz
• 3=10 MHz
• 4=15 MHz
• 5=20 MHz

Hi @PNSN ,
Can you please attach the document which lists the commands above. I went thru the RV50’s Software Configuration User Guide latest version but I cannot find anything like that. In case, that commands are not mentioned in the official guides, they will be not supported on the gateway
If the indicates a poor RSRQ, a nearby laptop or other electronic equipment may be interfering with the signal. Let contact administrator to move the AirLink RV50 to a different location.
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Vianney, sorry, I made a bit of assumption. Sec 5.2 page 71. AirPrime EM73XX-7655-8805 AT Command Reference_V2 pdf.pdf (597.0 KB)

If this command doesn’t apply to the RV50’s then this concludes my question.

The device is located in the wilderness far far away from humans or any other equipment. Quite literally its a hole in the ground. We use a directional multi freq yagi which always worked with 3G. We don’t have Diversity running, but thats the next step. I plan on installing a Mimo diversity antenna ( )

I tried to force 3G, but when I did the good RSSI at -78dBm dropped to -99dBm and failed to move data.

The site as always had limited bandwidth, but as soon as we upgraded from a LS300 3G unit to a RV50 LTE the signal became to week to provide even 20kbps, which is all I need. I’m only able to access it via command console and AT commands. The unit does gain some bandwidth from 11pm to 3am local giving me the impression the cell tower radio has limited bandwidth not necessarily the RV50. Grasping at straws!

Any advice would certainly help. Thanks for the quick response.

Hi @PNSN ,
It looks like the gateway installed in a poor signal area. We can do something to improve it

  • Connect 2 antennas to the gateway
  • Set All bands for it (If it is not)
  • Basing on your provider, try to set Roaming is automatic
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